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Jon Rafman

Check out our interview and Paris studio visit on rocketscience.tumblr.com.
Pix by Maciek Pozoga
Études studio

An absolutely beautiful screencap from GATIV, uploaded to imgur at some point for some usage somewhere on the internet. According to a quick  reverse Google Image Searc the picture looks under appreciated.
Found using Random Imgur, an app built by Kevin Kuchta. I’m fascinated by apps like this, which scrape large databases of images that millions of users around the globe upload daily. Imgur’s cloud-based hosting is unique, in that there isn’t much of a social media component to it, so these are effectively images intended for a one time use that are then thrown away and forgotten about. Kuchta’s app creates a beautiful tapestry of visual garbage, and yields some excellent results that might have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for the random scraping. It’s an excellent tool for anyone who wants to find source material for image collages… just consider it digital recycling.

"seberhusky’s cellphone collection"

Aso Mohammadi